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Lightship Original

Lightship Cider is named after the ferocious storms it weathered. Lightship navigates you to the best apple cider: made from 100% fruit! Our original is fresh and fruity with a little bitterness, sparkling and incredibly delicious. Chances are you won't want anything else after the first sip.

madams passion back.png

Lightship Madame's passion

After their time on the rough ocean, the sailors needed some warmth. Madame's Passion was made as a tribute to to those tough women dedicated to this task. The spicy Madame Jeanette pepper is an amazing combination with the floral sweetness of the passion fruit and the freshness of the apple. Heartwarming and irresistibly tasty, especially with seafood, a nice salad and great company!

choppy back.png

Lightship Choppy

Choppy waters ahead Captain! But not with this cider. This is more relaxing on your inflatable flamingo. A fine blend of cider and hops where the apples are also well present. The wonderful scent with citrus aromas comes mainly from the Cascade hops. The Columbus hops give a nice bitter and a fresh floral aroma. Don't forget to get some snacks or cheese before you hoist the sails.

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