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what we are...

We are urban cider makers:

We are located in next to the biggest harbour of Europe, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Even though we are in the heart of a very urbanized area of the Netherlands, we are very close to farms and orchards and we try to work as a link between the city and the countryside. 

We are people of our time aware of the world we live in:

We are aware of the burdains related to the globalized world we live in and the problems that surround the market we are part of. Due to that, we try todo our part in preserving old orchards, supporting initiaves to preserve old fruit varieties, save fruits from food waste, being as circular and sustainable as we can. To know more about those projects, check the 'projects"on our website.

We see ciders as an element of change:

Fermentation is one of the most ancient techniques to preserve food. we see the fermentation as an old technique that que help with problems of the modern world. Many old fruit varieties were abandoned along the years in favor of more resistant, sweeter, less bitter, softer, more uniform selected new varieties. Those old varieties do not have market value nowadays. We see the fermantation the cider making, or the fruit wine making, as away to create market value for those old varieties and therefore suçpport there preservation increasing the biodiversity.

Overripe, weird shaped, too small, too big fruits are considered out of standards. Out of standard fruit loses value and many times end up being discarded, or abandoned, as we preffer to say. Those characteristics are not suitable for supermarket chains or industry, but perfect for artisanal makers, like us. So we try to rescue as much abandoned fruits as we can, and transform them in careeful, tasty natural ciders.

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